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The Elephant Machine



After releasing their debut EP “Follow The Heard” in May 2019 (recorded live in 2014), The Elephant Machine took to the stage for a string of UK shows that summer to support the release. Since, the group ever the international project set across sea and land, The Elephant Machine has risen again with their latest single “On The Rise” written and produced as something to lean into and let wash through your soul to contrast completely to these world burning, heightened fear, global feelings of our current shared situation on this planet. Let us hope for a better future, let us hope to be On The Rise.

Click the picture above to view the official video to this summers deep chill of a single. The Elephant Machine have done it again!

Stream The Machine: https://artist.landr.com/music/672985410176
Purchase the machine: https://theelephantmachine.bandcamp.com/releases